Gardner Minshew Fantasy Success

If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast, then the name Gardner Minshew is surely not new to you. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback has been making waves in the NFL and has become a hot topic in the fantasy realm. With his strong arm, agility, and charismatic personality, Gardner Minshew has captured the hearts of many football fans and has become a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy world. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about using Gardner Minshew as your fantasy quarterback, from his stats and potential to tips on how to maximize his performance.

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Who is Gardner Minshew?

Gardner Minshew Fantasy  Success

Gardner Flint Minshew II was born on May 16, 1996, in Flowood, Mississippi. He played college football for East Carolina and Washington State before being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019. Minshew made his NFL debut in Week 1 of the 2019 season, replacing an injured Nick Foles. Since then, he has become a fan favorite and has solidified his spot as the starting quarterback for the Jaguars.

Minshew’s Stats and Potential

In his rookie season, Minshew threw for 3,271 yards with 21 touchdowns and only six interceptions, earning him a passer rating of 91.2. He also rushed for 344 yards and two touchdowns, showcasing his versatility as a quarterback. Despite playing in only 12 games, Minshew finished the season as the top rookie quarterback and was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team.

In terms of potential, Minshew has shown that he has all the tools to succeed in the NFL. He has excellent pocket awareness, quick feet, and a strong arm, allowing him to make big plays under pressure. His ability to extend plays and create something out of nothing makes him a valuable asset in fantasy football.

How to Use Gardner Minshew in Fantasy Football

Gardner Minshew Fantasy  Success

Now that we know a bit more about Gardner Minshew, let’s dive into the specifics on how you can use him in your fantasy football team. Below are six outlines on how to maximize his potential and lead your team to success.

1. Know Your League’s Scoring System

Before drafting Gardner Minshew, it is essential to understand your league’s scoring system. The majority of leagues award points based on passing yards, passing touchdowns, rushing yards, and rushing touchdowns. However, some leagues may also give additional points for completions, completion percentage, or interceptions thrown. Knowing these details will help you draft and manage Minshew more effectively.

Example: If your league awards one point for every 25 passing yards and six points for a passing touchdown, then a game where Minshew throws for 300 yards and two touchdowns will earn you 16 fantasy points.

2. Pair Him with a Solid Running Back

In fantasy football, it is crucial to have a balanced team with both strong quarterbacks and running backs. While Minshew has proven to be a reliable player, having a solid running back to pair him with will only increase your chances of winning. A good running game can open up passing opportunities for Minshew, making him an even more dangerous threat on the field.

Example: Drafting a running back like Saquon Barkley or Josh Jacobs to pair with Minshew can help balance out your team and provide you with consistent points from both positions.

3. Utilize His Rushing Ability

One of Minshew’s most significant strengths is his ability to run the ball. In fantasy football, running quarterbacks can earn you extra points, giving you an edge over your opponents. With Minshew’s agility and speed, he can rack up rushing yards and even score touchdowns, adding valuable points to your fantasy total.

Example: In Week 9 of the 2019 season, Minshew rushed for 34 yards and two touchdowns, earning him a total of 14 fantasy points in most leagues.

4. Keep an Eye on His Matchups

As with any player in fantasy football, it is essential to consider their upcoming matchups. Some teams may have strong defenses against the pass, making it challenging for Minshew to produce big numbers. On the other hand, some teams may have weak defenses, giving Minshew an opportunity to have a breakout game. It is crucial to assess each week’s matchup and make strategic decisions based on that information.

Example: In Week 5 of the 2019 season, Minshew threw for 374 yards and two touchdowns against the Carolina Panthers, who had the worst defense against the pass at the time.

5. Consider His Receiver Options

While Minshew has proven to be able to make plays on his own, having talented receivers can only enhance his performance. The Jaguars have a solid receiving corps, including D.J. Chark, Chris Conley, and rookie Laviska Shenault Jr. Keeping an eye on these players and their chemistry with Minshew can help you make informed decisions in your fantasy lineup.

Example: In Week 15 of the 2019 season, Chark caught eight passes for 104 yards and two touchdowns from Minshew, earning both players a significant number of fantasy points.

6. Factor in His Personality and Charisma

In fantasy football, it is essential to account for not only a player’s on-field abilities but also their personality and charisma. Gardner Minshew has a unique persona, which has made him a fan favorite and a popular pick in fantasy drafts. While this may not directly contribute to his stat line, having a player that can capture the attention of your league and generate buzz can be a valuable asset in fantasy football.

Example: In Week 3 of the 2019 season, Minshew became an overnight sensation after leading the Jaguars to a victory over the Tennessee Titans with a last-minute drive. His performance earned him the nickname “Minshew Mania” and made him a popular pick in fantasy drafts.

FAQs About Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew Fantasy  Success
  1. Is Gardner Minshew a reliable fantasy quarterback?
  2. Yes, Minshew has shown that he has the potential to be a top performer in fantasy football.
  1. How many touchdowns did Minshew throw in his rookie season?
  2. Minshew threw for 21 touchdowns in his rookie season.
  1. What is Minshew’s career completion percentage?
  2. As of 2020, Minshew’s career completion percentage is 62.9%.
  1. Can Minshew be a dual-threat quarterback in fantasy football?
  2. Yes, Minshew’s rushing abilities make him a valuable asset in fantasy football.
  1. Is Minshew considered a high-risk or low-risk fantasy pick?
  2. Minshew is typically considered a low-risk pick due to his consistency and potential for big plays.


Gardner Minshew Fantasy  Success

In conclusion, Gardner Minshew has proven himself to be a reliable and exciting option in fantasy football. With his strong arm, agility, and charisma, he has become a hot commodity in drafts and has shown that he has all the tools to succeed in the NFL. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can maximize Minshew’s potential and lead your fantasy team to success. So don’t hesitate to draft him in your next fantasy football season and join the “Minshew Mania”!

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