Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback’s Performance

Gardner Minshew has quickly become a fan favorite in the NFL. Known for his signature mustache and outgoing personality, Minshew has also made a name for himself on the field with his impressive stats. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Gardner Minshew’s stats, exploring his performance as a quarterback and what these numbers can tell us about his potential for future success.

The Rise of Gardner Minshew: A Brief Introduction

Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback

Before we dive into the stats, let’s take a quick look at who Gardner Minshew is and how he became a starting quarterback in the NFL. Born in 1996 in Brandon, Mississippi, Minshew played college football at East Carolina University before transferring to Washington State University for his senior year. Despite a successful college career, he was not expected to make a big impact in the NFL.

However, when Jacksonville Jaguars starter Nick Foles went down with an injury in the first game of the 2019 season, Minshew was thrust into the spotlight. And he didn’t disappoint. In his rookie season, he threw for over 3,200 yards and 21 touchdowns, earning him a spot as one of the top-performing rookie quarterbacks in the league. Now, let’s take a closer look at Minshew’s stats and see what makes him such an exciting player to watch.

Passing Stats: Breaking Down the Numbers

Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback

Completion Percentage & Yards Per Attempt (YPA)

One of the most important stats for a quarterback is their completion percentage – the percentage of passes they complete out of all attempted passes. This number gives us a good idea of a quarterback’s accuracy and efficiency. For the 2019 season, Gardner Minshew had a completion percentage of 60.6%, which is not bad for a rookie quarterback.

However, what makes Minshew stand out is his yards per attempt (YPA). This stat measures the average number of yards a quarterback throws per pass attempt. Minshew had an impressive YPA of 7.0 in his rookie season, putting him ahead of many veteran quarterbacks in the league. This shows that while he may not have the highest completion percentage, he is making the most of his passes by gaining significant yardage each time.

Touchdowns & Interceptions

Another crucial stat for a quarterback is their touchdown to interception ratio. This number reflects a quarterback’s ability to throw touchdowns and avoid interceptions, which can often be costly for a team. In his rookie season, Gardner Minshew threw 21 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions, giving him an impressive ratio of 3.5.

To put this into perspective, some well-known quarterbacks in the league, such as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, have career touchdown to interception ratios of 4.2 and 3.0 respectively. This shows that Minshew has the potential to become one of the top quarterbacks in the league if he continues to minimize his interceptions and increase his touchdown throws.

Rushing Stats: A Dual-Threat Quarterback

Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback

While Minshew’s passing stats are certainly impressive, what sets him apart from other quarterbacks is his ability to run the ball as well. In his rookie season, he rushed for 344 yards and 0 touchdowns. While these numbers may not seem significant compared to other running backs in the league, they are quite impressive for a quarterback.

Minshew has shown that he is not afraid to use his legs to extend plays and gain yards when needed. This makes him a dual-threat quarterback and adds another dimension to his already well-rounded skillset.

How to Use Gardner Minshew Stats to Evaluate Fantasy Football Picks

Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback

Fantasy football players know the importance of stats when it comes to drafting their team. Gardner Minshew is a prime example of a player who may have gone overlooked in fantasy drafts due to his lack of experience, but proved to be a valuable pick for those who took a chance on him.

Looking at Minshew’s stats, especially his impressive touchdown to interception ratio, can give fantasy players confidence in his ability to lead their team to victory. Additionally, his dual-threat capabilities make him a valuable asset in fantasy leagues that reward points for rushing yards and touchdowns.

Comparing Gardner Minshew to Other Rookie Quarterbacks

Gardner Minshew Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Quarterback

Gardner Minshew is part of a talented group of rookie quarterbacks in the 2019 draft class, including Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins. While each of these quarterbacks has their own strengths and areas for improvement, looking at their stats side by side can help us see where Minshew stands in comparison.

In terms of passing yards, Minshew ranks third among the 2019 rookies with 3,271 yards, behind only Kyler Murray (3,722 yards) and Daniel Jones (3,027 yards). However, when it comes to completion percentage, Minshew ranks second with 60.6%, just behind Daniel Jones’ 61.9%. This shows that while he may not have thrown for as many yards as some of his counterparts, he was more accurate with his passes.

When it comes to rushing yards, Minshew ranks third again with 344 yards behind Kyler Murray (544 yards) and Josh Allen (510 yards). However, his YPA of 7.0 ranks first among all rookie quarterbacks, showcasing his efficiency in gaining yards through the air.

Expert Advice: How Can Gardner Minshew Improve in His Sophomore Season?

As with any young player, there is always room for improvement. With a full season as a starter under his belt, Gardner Minshew has the potential to take his game to the next level in his sophomore season. Here are some expert tips on what he can do to continue to excel and improve his stats:

  • Improve his deep ball accuracy – While Minshew’s YPA was impressive, he struggled with deep throws, often overthrowing his receivers. Working on his deep ball accuracy will make him an even more formidable threat on the field.
  • Take fewer sacks – In his rookie season, Minshew was sacked 33 times, which is quite high for a quarterback. By utilizing his mobility and making quicker decisions, he can reduce this number and avoid potential injuries.
  • Continue to develop chemistry with his teammates – As a rookie, Minshew had to quickly build chemistry with his team after being thrust into the starting position. With a full offseason to work with his receivers, he can further hone his skills and develop a strong connection with his teammates.

FAQs about Gardner Minshew Stats

1. What was Gardner Minshew’s record as a starter in his rookie season?

Gardner Minshew had a record of 6 wins and 6 losses as a starter in his rookie season.

2. How does Gardner Minshew’s stats compare to other quarterbacks in his division?

In the AFC South Division, Gardner Minshew had the second-highest passer rating (91.2) behind Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson (98.0). He also had the second-highest completion percentage (60.6%) behind Tennessee Titans’ Ryan Tannehill (70.3%).

3. Did Gardner Minshew win any awards in his rookie season?

Yes, Gardner Minshew was named the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week twice in the 2019 season.

4. How many interceptions did Gardner Minshew throw in his rookie season?

Gardner Minshew threw a total of 6 interceptions in his rookie season.

5. What is Gardner Minshew’s career-high for passing yards in a single game?

Gardner Minshew’s career-high for passing yards in a single game is 374 yards, achieved in Week 8 of the 2019 season against the New York Jets.

Conclusion: Gardner Minshew’s Stats Speak for Themselves

In his rookie season, Gardner Minshew proved that he has the potential to become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. His impressive stats, coupled with his charismatic personality, have quickly made him a fan favorite. As he continues to develop and improve, we can only expect to see even more impressive numbers from this talented quarterback.

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