Will Clapp Draft An Expert Analysis

The NFL draft is an exciting time for football fans as teams look to add the best talent to their roster. In 2018, the New Orleans Saints selected offensive lineman Will Clapp in the seventh round of the draft. This decision raised some eyebrows as many experts believed Clapp would be selected earlier. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Will Clapp’s draft experience and analyze his potential impact on the New Orleans Saints.

The Journey to the Draft

Will Clapp was a standout player at Louisiana State University (LSU), where he played center for three years before moving to left guard in his senior year. He received numerous accolades during his college career and was named to the All-SEC second team in 2016 and 2017. Clapp also played in the prestigious Senior Bowl and impressed scouts with his versatility and strong play.

However, despite his impressive college resume, there were concerns about Clapp’s size and strength. At 6’4″ and 311 pounds, he was not considered one of the top offensive linemen in the draft class. This caused him to fall to the seventh round, where the Saints were able to snag him with the 245th overall pick.

How To Use Will Clapp Draft

When using Will Clapp in the draft, teams should focus on his versatility and intelligence. As mentioned earlier, Clapp played both center and left guard in college, showcasing his ability to adapt and learn new positions. This makes him a valuable asset for any team as he can provide depth at multiple positions on the offensive line.

Another way to utilize Clapp is by incorporating his high football IQ into the game plan. He is known for his exceptional understanding of defenses and ability to make quick adjustments. By involving Clapp in pre-snap reads and assignments, teams can benefit from his knowledge and help limit mistakes on the field.

Examples of Will Clapp Draft

One example of how Will Clapp can be used in the draft is by targeting him as a late-round steal. Despite falling to the seventh round, many experts believed he had the potential to go as early as the third or fourth round. This makes him an excellent value pick for any team looking to add depth to their offensive line.

Another example is using Clapp as a backup center. While he primarily played left guard in college, he has experience playing center, making him a viable option in case of injury to the starting center. This versatility adds value to his draft stock as he can provide depth at multiple positions.

Comparisons to Other Draft Picks

In terms of size and strength, Will Clapp is often compared to former NFL lineman Joe Berger who played for the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings. Both players are similar in height and weight and are known for their versatility on the offensive line. However, Clapp’s understanding of defenses at such a young age sets him apart from Berger, making him a more well-rounded prospect.

Another comparison that has been made is to current Saints offensive lineman, Andrus Peat. Both players were drafted by the Saints in the first two rounds and have similar size and skill sets. If Clapp can develop like Peat has in recent years, the Saints may have found another reliable starter on their offensive line.

Advice for Teams Interested in Drafting Will Clapp

For teams interested in drafting Will Clapp, it is essential to look past his physical limitations and focus on his football IQ and versatility. With proper development and coaching, Clapp has the potential to become a valuable starter in the NFL. Additionally, teams should not overlook his leadership skills and work ethic, as these traits only enhance his potential impact on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Will Clapp ready to start in the NFL?

While Clapp may not be ready to start right away, he has the potential to become a starter with proper development and coaching.

What positions can Will Clapp play?

Clapp has experience playing both center and left guard, making him a versatile option for teams looking to add depth on their offensive line.

How does Will Clapp’s draft stock compare to other linemen in his class?

Clapp’s draft stock may have dropped due to concerns about his size and strength, but he is still considered a valuable prospect with high potential.

What sets Will Clapp apart from other linemen in the draft?

Clapp’s high football IQ and versatility make him a unique prospect that could develop into a valuable starter in the NFL.

What role can Will Clapp play in the Saints’ offense?

With his versatility, Clapp can provide depth at multiple positions on the offensive line and potentially earn a starting role in the future.


In conclusion, Will Clapp’s draft experience may have been overshadowed by higher-profile picks, but he has the potential to become a key contributor for the New Orleans Saints. His intelligence, versatility, and leadership skills make him an intriguing prospect with a bright future in the NFL. With proper development, Clapp has the potential to prove why he should have been selected earlier in the draft and become a valuable asset for the Saints.

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