Will Clapp NFL The Rise of a Versatile Offensive Lineman

Will Clapp is a name that has been making waves in the NFL world. Despite being a relatively unknown player, he has quickly risen to become a valuable asset for his team, the New Orleans Saints. With his versatility and impressive skills on the field, it’s no wonder why he has caught the attention of many football enthusiasts. In this article, we will be diving deeper into the career of Will Clapp and how he has made a name for himself in the NFL.

The Early Years: From High School to College

High School Football Career

Will Clapp was born on April 18, 1995, in Louisiana. Growing up, he attended Brother Martin High School where he played football as an offensive lineman. During his high school football career, Clapp was named to the Class 5A All-State first team as a senior. He also received recognition from various publications such as MaxPreps, PrepStar, and 247Sports.

On top of his impressive performance on the field, Clapp also excelled in academics, maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. This combination of athletic and academic excellence caught the attention of several college football programs.

College Football Career

After graduating from high school, Will Clapp accepted an offer to play for Louisiana State University (LSU). He redshirted his freshman year but quickly made a name for himself during his sophomore year, starting in all 12 games for the Tigers. His impressive performance earned him a spot on the All-SEC second team.

During his junior year, Clapp continued to prove his worth on the field, starting in all 13 games and earning a spot on the All-SEC first team. He also received recognition as a member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll for his outstanding performance in the classroom.

The Professional Journey: Drafted by the Saints

After a successful college football career, Will Clapp declared for the 2018 NFL Draft. He was selected in the seventh round (245th overall) by the New Orleans Saints. Despite being a late-round pick, Clapp’s versatility and work ethic caught the attention of the Saints’ coaching staff.

Versatility on the Field

One of the main reasons why Will Clapp has become an invaluable player for the Saints is his versatility. In college, he played primarily as a center but also saw some action at the guard position. This flexibility has translated well into the NFL, with Clapp playing both center and guard for the Saints.

His ability to adeptly transition between these two positions has been crucial for the Saints, especially during the 2020 season where they faced multiple injuries on the offensive line. Clapp’s versatility has allowed the team to maintain their strong offensive performance despite the setbacks.

Making an Impact on Special Teams

In addition to his roles on the offensive line, Will Clapp has also made significant contributions on special teams. His size and physicality make him a valuable asset for punt and kickoff coverage, often leading to key tackles and stops.

How to Use Will Clapp NFL: A Versatile Player for Your Fantasy Team

If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast, adding Will Clapp to your team can be a smart move. With his versatility on the field, Clapp is a valuable player to have on your roster. He can fill in for multiple positions if needed, making him a reliable backup option.

Additionally, with his involvement in special teams, Clapp has the potential to make big plays that can earn your team crucial points. Keep an eye out for him as a sleeper pick in your next fantasy draft.

Examples of Will Clapp NFL’s Impact

Throughout his time in the NFL, Will Clapp has continued to impress with his versatility and hard work. In the 2019 season, he played in all 16 games for the Saints and contributed to the team’s impressive offensive performance. He was also part of the 2020 squad that clinched the NFC South division title.

One prime example of Clapp’s impact can be seen in the Saints’ game against the Atlanta Falcons in 2019. With starting center Max Unger out due to an injury, Clapp stepped in and helped lead the team to a 31-17 victory. His solid performance on the field earned him praise from both teammates and coaches.

Comparisons: Will Clapp NFL vs Other Versatile Linemen

Will Clapp is not the only versatile offensive lineman in the NFL. Other notable names include Zack Martin (Dallas Cowboys) and Joel Bitonio (Cleveland Browns). While these players may have more experience and accolades under their belt, Clapp has shown great potential and has already made significant contributions to his team in his short time in the NFL.

Compared to other young offensive linemen, Clapp stands out with his ability to play multiple positions and make an impact on special teams. With continued development and opportunities, he has the potential to become one of the top versatile linemen in the NFL.

Advice for Aspiring Offensive Linemen: Follow in the Footsteps of Will Clapp

For aspiring offensive linemen, Will Clapp serves as an excellent role model. His dedication to both athletics and academics during his high school and college years laid the foundation for his success in the NFL. Additionally, his versatility and hard work on the field have helped him stand out and earn a spot on a competitive team.

Some key pieces of advice to follow in Will Clapp’s footsteps include constantly honing your skills, maintaining a strong work ethic, and staying flexible and adaptable to different positions and roles.

FAQs about Will Clapp NFL

What position does Will Clapp play in the NFL?

Will Clapp primarily plays as a center and guard for the New Orleans Saints.

Has Will Clapp received any awards or recognition in the NFL?

While he has yet to receive any awards, Will Clapp’s impressive performance on the field has earned him praise from teammates and coaches.

How long has Will Clapp been with the New Orleans Saints?

Will Clapp was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2018 and has been with the team ever since.

Is Will Clapp involved in any community initiatives?

Yes, Will Clapp actively participates in various community events and is a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

What are some key skills that make Will Clapp a valuable player in the NFL?

Some key skills that make Will Clapp a valuable player include his versatility, work ethic, and physicality on both offense and special teams.

In Conclusion: Will Clapp NFL – A Rising Star in the Making

From his high school days to now being an established player in the NFL, Will Clapp’s journey has been nothing short of impressive. With his versatility, hard work, and impact on the field, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset for the New Orleans Saints.

As he continues to develop and gain more experience, there’s no doubt that Will Clapp will continue to make a name for himself in the NFL. He serves as a great example for aspiring offensive linemen, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.

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